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It would be my pleasure to share with you any variation of the traditional Celtic handfasting. Handfasting was a pagan ritual dating back to the time of the Celts. The intended couple both declare their intent to enter into this union, and the hands of the couple are clasped and gently wrapped and fastened together with a cord or cords just before, just after, or during their vows are made to one another. The wrapping of the cord forms an infinity symbol. The handfasting knot that is tied in a symbolic representation of oneness between the couple. In a show of unity, they become bound to each other with loving and joyful intent.

Traditionally, 3 cords are used, each a different colour: white for purity , blue for fidelity, and red for passion for example. Pink symbolises love. Green for fertility and growth.Purple for a spiritual connection and emotional strength .
You may wish to choose colours that connect with the colour theme for the wedding too, it is your choice.
We then braid any three cords together, or use only one cord. It is something that couples sometimes choose to do, braid the cords themselves to add to the heartfelt intention of the ceremony.

Other aspects to the ceremony can include the blessing of the space , the elements of earth , air , fire or water may be spoken of as being symbolic all aspects of life and creation. The lighting of a candles and a unity candle. The sharing of a loving cup by the couple and the exchange of love tokens, be that jewellery , or letters, rings, shells or roses, or whatever feels right. The practise of jumping over the broom may also be included to symbolise sweeping away the past of the old single life into a new life together.

Many couples I am a celebrant for are adopting this beautiful old custom, as a component of their wedding ceremony or as a ceremony on it’s own. You do not have to be pagan, celtic or wiccan to experience this ancient tradition of ‘ Tying the knot”
I can adapt the hand fasting to suit your needs as the main ceremonial element in addition to , or instead of ‚the ring exchange.
A handfasting in the modern world can be ritualistic and ceremonial sign of a commitment for “as long as love shall last.” It may be seen as a trial marriage for couples who wish to ease themselves into married life and can be seen a formal betrothal. It is a beautiful ceremony to experience and watch.

I am delighted to conduct truly magical celtic handfastings at dawn or sunrise at Stonehenge , please contact me for more details. You may want to consider your hand fasting ceremony amongst beautiful redwood trees in an exquisite venue. I have access to many sacred sites of great beauty and look forward to sharing them with you.

Witnessing and also honouring each other at both major and more subtle life thresholds provides.

  BLESSING CEREMONIES – beautifully personalised.
A blessing ceremony can commemorate and celebrate any times of transition and change and new beginnings, where by we can gather loved ones to “ bless the way” for when you may be entering times of significant change.

A house blessing offers a beautiful “ warming “ of your new space and provides an opportunity for you to express your intentions , desires and prayers and truly make it your HOME filled with love. Each room will be blessed with positive intention and care and any space clearing may be undertaken where necessary.

This is a profound opportunity. A blessing ceremony can honour the ending of an intimate relationship and mindfully offer clarity, compassion and closure whilst supporting individuals to embrace their future with gratitude , renewed hope and strength.

When taking a ceremony for a couple
– this allows for creating a sacred and safe space where the relationship can be honoured for all the gifts that it brought, including the challenges.It can help bring closure to both parties and allow a sense of moving forward. Friends and family may be invited to attend the ceremony if wished, all those who were affected by the separation, in laws, children, friends can witness a ceremony that acknowledges the parting of ways with compassion and can ease everyone through the transition gently and with understanding.

When taking a ceremony for an individual – the deep witnessing of heartache and loss will then transform into healing and the welcoming of new chapters to come in a safe and compassionate space. Voicing and affirming the changes, the lessons and the vulnerability but inviting in the future supported and witnessed by a small group of friend if desired who can share their wishes for this next phase to come.

Whether it is a career change or new job or reaching the end of a working life a blessing ceremony can be a joyous way to send an individual forth into their next chapter with support and blessings and community and love.

Major corporations also require my services and ceremonies to help with team building and motivation and celebrations and awards.

Many experts believe that holding some form of ceremony or ritual can help us cope with the loss of a treasured animal friend. I have been privileged to lead many blessing ceremonies whether in a pet funeral homes or crematoriums, in a family garden or at a favourite walking place. I truly understand how often the loss of a family pet can be as painful as losing a family member and quite rightly that relationship and animal friend should be honoured and commemorated in a way that feels right for you. There are many touching poems and readings and prayers that I can weave into a beautiful heartfelt ceremony, that can involve everyone including young ones also. For many at a young age the loss of a pet may be there first experience of death and being involved can often help as we share happy memories and stories,songs and certain rituals perhaps that comfort and bring joy too.  Please contact me if you feel I can be of service to you.


  • Native American and Celtic ceremonies
  • Full Moon / New Moon ceremonies
  • Stonehenge and sacred sites ceremonies.
  • Cacao ceremonies

I have led sacred ceremonies for thirty years and will create individual and or group ceremonies wherever I am asked to. Contact me to find out the many exciting options for you and to discuss how a ceremony may inspire, promote and anchor positive change and lasting gratitude in your life and the life of your family and friends.