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Naming Ceremonies

Baby/ child blessings are a wonderful way to witness and welcome new life as well as honour the journey of the parents and the changing of family dynamics.

It is a beautiful opportunity for parents and grandparents family, friends to give wishes or prayers, heartfelt intentions for the new precious life. The ceremony affirms what is important to you whilst honouring and welcoming the newest addition to your family.

The new child is blessed with the sound of their name and affirmed into the love that they are held by within the gathering of loved ones. It is a wonderful opportunity to involve other siblings to acknowledge the change in their world too.

Gifts may be given within the ceremony and balloons released with wishes for the future of the newborn.

This heartfelt ceremony can be accompanied by a ritual planting of a tree or plant which the family or child can tend to as they grow.

There as so many wonderful ideas that can be incorporated from other cultures too, be that Celtic or Native American; and the creation of a bespoke lullaby by me is something you keep forever.

Of course, let’s discuss what feels right for you.

Adoption Blessings

This ceremony creates an beautiful and nurturing space for supporting the family and embracing the new member of that family. The past of the new family member is acknowledged and honoured as they are welcomed into their new family.


“wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love” – Rumi

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